The Advantages Of Bowflex PR3000

Published: 19th March 2012
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If you have been seeking to purchase a Home Gym as a way of staying fit and wholesome then the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym could be for you. If you do not have the time or cash to go to a fitness center, or do not have the resources to hire a private trainer then the Bowflex PR3000 is the excellent replacement. You will be able to work every single region of your body like the key muscles groups as you can do over 50 various strength workouts on this health club. Compare that to a lot of other property gyms and you will see why this fitness center is the excellent Home Gym for your home.

Key Features
The Bowflex PR3000 measures 54 x 28 x 10 inches and weighs around 174 Pounds making it pretty compact and since it does not have heavy weights attached, you are able to move it from place to location in your residence if you want to.
The health club as mentioned can give you a total body workout and you are able to do more than 50 strength workouts to perform all areas of your body and it even comes with a built-in rowing station. Instead of weights the device uses Power Pods which give up to 210 pounds of resistance. As soon as you start off constructing strength and endurance you can upgrade this to 310 pounds.
Besides the Power Rods the Home Gym comes with thick roller cushions for your leg extensions and leg curls, leg attachments, triple function hand grips to allow you to do lateral pull downs, triple function ankle cuff grips, a vertical bench press, and of course a no modify cable pulley method with 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance.
Bowflex have a trustworthy name and produces high quality goods that are totally tested. The Bowflex PR3000 is made from composite material to ensure top quality and durability plus it comes with a 7 year warranty. That is certainly another great reason to purchase.

What You Can Do On The Bowflex PR3000
As the Home Gym gives you the convenience of becoming in a position to perform out in the privacy of your personal house there is no cause for you to leave the house for your aerobic physical exercise as the fitness center comes complete with a built in rowing machine for your cardiovascular. With over 50 workouts you are able to work all your major muscle groups including your biceps, triceps, abdominal, quads, lats etc and are able to do you standard compound workouts like pull downs, biceps curls, bench presses, leg extensions, triceps kickbacks, squats, lateral shoulder raises, seated abdominal crunches plus far more
A single advantage of the Bowflex PR3000 is that it utilizes Power Rods for resistance instead of weights. With normal weights you constantly get continuous resistance as weights cannot be adjusted effortlessly were as the power rods provide variable resistance based on range of motion and movement. This makes for a much more natural movement in the course of the exercise.

If you plan on becoming a weight lifter or body builder then this Home Gym is not for you as it has a limited level of weight resistance and is much more appropriate for the individual seeking to stay in shape.

The Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym will give you the ability to be able to work each muscle group such as you biceps, triceps, abdominal, quads, calves hamstrings and your gluts.
As it is an all in a single Home Gym that functions a built-in rowing machine you are in a position to workout anytime and for any quantity of time you choose in the convenience and privacy of your personal home. This will cut down on you needing to travel to a fitness center and spend money on memberships charges or even a personal trainer.
The Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym is the best Home Gym that will give you a total body workout with the added benefit of getting able to do cardiovascular exercise as well in the luxury, comfort and privacy of your personal home.
Learn how simple it is to have a toned & firm physique with the Bowflex PR3000

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